Lighting and Vision Design: Matt Osborne

Led by 9 dancers, METAMUSE celebrates dance and pushes the boundaries of Jazz. Highlighting the relationship of movement & sound with each dancer embodying a different instrument, we experience the human process of balancing ego with humility…

This is Jazz like you’ve never seen it before. The talent. The story. The dance. This style and calibre of performance is like no other in Australia, it’s what you see on New York stages and in the massive arts markets that simply do not exist here. We cannot wait to introduce METAMUSE to a wider audience.

Producer Aleksandar Vass OAM

Matthew Osborne‘s lighting design adds another layer of enchantment, creating an atmosphere that perfectly showcases the movement. From subtle and intimate moments to explosive bursts of energy, Osborne’s lighting seamlessly transitions, guiding the audience through the emotional journey of the performance.

Reviewed by Brendan Daynes – Dance Life Australia

Photos by: Matthew Chen