Example Projects

NYE Countdown – Touchdesigner

Quick Tutorial: Creating a NYE countdown in TouchDesigner and sending an OSC text string to Resolume.
You can then use the TextBlock effects in Resolume to format the countdown as you wish and mix it as any other clip, whilst remaining perfectly in time with your system clock.

Configuring your Touchdesigner network and Resolume to send and receive OSC data.
Using the OSC out DAT from Touchdesigner.
You can download the Touchdesigner project below.

Open Stage Control – Resolume

Here is a video on using Open Stage Control with Resolume I’ll go through creating a simple control interface for Resolume and show some simple javascript techniques to avoid excessive copy and pasting.
Open Stage Control is a great lightweight application for building your own OSC control interface.

Open Stage Control – Resolume

Basic TouchOSC template for controlling Resolume over OSC
Here is the How to video so you can make your own: